The Paranormal Archaeologist Book 2

The Haunting of Roan Mountain

For paranormal investigator David Spur, nothing is as dangerous as home.

A lot has changed for David since the events of The Demon of Mansfeld Manor. He now spends his time traveling to the nation’s most notorious haunted sites for his popular television show. But when he returns to Tennessee for a much-needed break, he quickly realizes this vacation is going to be anything but relaxing.

Something is going on in the idyllic town of Roan Mountain. His childhood friend Melanie is sleeping in the woods rather than her newly-purchased mountain home. And something seems to be drawing her to the ruins of a centuries-old hotel.

David will soon learn that this mystery goes deeper than his usual case. An ancient evil is stirring in Roan Mountain, and it may be tied to his father’s disappearance twenty years ago.

To help his friend, David will have to face both the ghosts of an old hotel and the ghosts of his past.

Don’t miss this sequel to The Demon of Mansfeld Manor from acclaimed author S.A. Jacobs!